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Η Sonora είναι ευγενικός χορηγός του Approaches.
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“Sonora: Interdisciplinary Organisation for Music Therapy and Research” is a non-profit organization created in 2014. It consists of a team of scientists from the fields of music therapy, arts therapies, medicine, psychology, education, musicology and related humanistic disciplines. Our common goal is to develop the art and science of music therapy, explore its scientific bases and its beneficial effects as a health provider, as well as its overall contribution to promoting the highest quality of human life. The primary aim of Sonora is to conduct interdisciplinary clinical work and research on the role and function of music in relation to health and disease. Sonora operates with versatility in multiple dimensions within the area of music therapy. We embrace a broad range of approaches within the fields of music therapy, music psychotherapy, neurologic music therapy, music medicine, music psychology, neuroscience, and music therapy and technology. Sonora also provides training in the receptive music therapy method of “Guided Imagery & Music” (GIM) and represents the mental health professionals who study and practice this method in Greece and Cyprus. Finally, we welcome music therapists who produce significant clinical work or research in all sections of music therapy.

Sonora, observing strict rules of ethics and conduct, seeks resources and funds in order to implement research, training as well as clinical projects of music therapy with vulnerable groups, with the support of charitable bodies, organizations and special funding programs. At the same time, our clinical partners provide music therapy services as freelancers or via Sonora, to those who have a personal interest for themselves or their families. We take consulting actions towards the evaluation and design of the appropriate music therapy method and we suggest the optimum therapeutic approach to be followed.