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Music as Therapy International kindly sponsors the work of Approaches.
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Music as Therapy International’s aim is to make some of the benefits of music therapy available to disabled and disadvantaged children and adults around the world, by training local people to use basic techniques drawn from the practice of clinical music therapy. We have a reputation for innovative, high-impact projects all of which are carefully tailored to ensure they are locally sustainable. We do not train music therapists, but rather enable local staff to develop their own approach to client-centred music-making. Our projects provide these local partners with the skills, musical instruments, experience and confidence to run long-term therapeutic music programmes designed to improve the quality of life of the children and adults in their care.

Music as Therapy International does not and cannot work in isolation. We are excited to promote the work of our Local Partners around the world and to facilitate links between them and international therapists. We are also always open to support music therapists who wish to explore how they may take their skills beyond the clinical setting and share them in wide ranging contexts.