Approaches accepts only original submissions. Manuscripts should not be previously published in any other form (e.g. book chapter) or format (print or electronic). Also, manuscripts should not be submitted for review to any other journal simultaneously. The ideas and perspectives presented in each manuscript represent the authors’ own opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Approaches’ editorial team members.

If a manuscript has already been published in a language other than English or Hellenic, you will need to submit it as a translation (see Submission Guidelines). Translations of original work can be published only if the relevant permissions from the original authors and publishers are given.

All manuscripts published in Approaches are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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This license allows others to download any manuscript published in Approaches and share such manuscripts with others as long as they credit Approaches, but they can’t change these publications in any way or use them commercially.

This license protects both the authors and Approaches from misuse of copyrighted material. The publisher (Approaches) is licensed to publish and distribute the manuscripts in an electronic or any other format. The copyrights remain in the authors’ names.

The authors agree that: they are the legitimate authors of the manuscript; the manuscript is original and has not been published previously or submitted for publication elsewhere (in any format: electronic, printed etc); they have the right to authorise others to make any non-commercial use of the manuscript, as long as it is always cited properly by referring to Approaches as the source of its first publication; all appropriate ethical standards have been followed in their manuscript.

By submitting their manuscript to Approaches, authors agree to this copyright agreement.