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The Special Music Centre Resonaari is located in Helsinki (Finland) and it consists of a music school, and a research and development unit.

The Resonaari Research and Development Unit produces material, organizes courses and continuing education, and keeps up a network for professionals, associations, polytechnics and universities in Finland and abroad. It has ongoing academic research projects in co-operation with Sibelius Academy and Helsinki University. Resonaari’s unique projects have generated widespread international interest. A Figurenotes™ book has been published in Estonian, Japanese and Italian. In addition collaborative projects are implemented with partners in Latvia, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and USA.

The Resonaari Music School has nearly 270 active students and 12 teachers. The Resonaari Music School follows the requirements of Finnish National Curriculum for Education in the Arts and consequently enjoys official music school status in Finland. All of Resonaari students are so-called diverse learners. The Resonaari Music School is a place where the students’ talents, not their needs, take center stage.

The Special Music Centre Resonaari received a Special Commendation at the inaugural of International Music Council’s (IMC) Musical Rights Awards held during IMC’s World Forum on Music in Tunis (October 2009). Alfred Kordelin Foundation awarded the Special Music Centre Resonaari in recognition of its work in the field of Special Music Education (2012). Director of Resonaari, Markku Kaikkonen, serves as Chair in Commission on Special Music Education & Music Therapy of International Society for Music Education (ISME) during the term 2014-2016.