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International conferences

5th International Conference of Dalcroze Studies”Dalcroze practice in diverse cultures, contexts and communities”

22-26 March 2021, Tokyo, Japan

Canadian Conference: Bridging Distance. Honouring Difference

29 May – 14 June, Online

International Music Therapy Week

13-19 June 2021, Helsinki, Finland
[Music Therapy Consortium, 13-14 June]
[The 1st International Children’s Music Therapy Conference, 14-16 June]
[The 10th Nordic Music Therapy Conference, 16-19 June]

The Neurosciences and Music – VII “Connecting with Music Across the Lifespan”

18-21 June 2021, Aarhus, Denmark

13th Latin American Regional Conference and 5th Pan American Regional Conference ISME

3-6 August 2021, Cancun, Mexico

Symposium Music therapy with Families

17-19 September 2021, Vienna, Austria

ECArTE Conference 2021 ΄΄Memory – Shaping Connections in the Arts Therapies΄΄

22-25 September 2021, Vilnius, Lithuania

Online Conference for music Therapy

5 February 2022, Online

2022 European Music Therapy Conference

8-12 June 2022, Edinburgh, UK
Organised by Approaches’ sponsor: Queen Margaret University

35th ISME World Conference

17 – 22 July 2022, Brisbane, Australia

2nd EAMI Conference

21-25 September 2022, Fredericia, Denmark

International Symposium on Music Therapy with Families

23 – 25 September 2022, Vienna, Austria

World Music Therapy Congress 

24-29 July 2023, Vancouver, Canada  

36th ISME World Conference

28 July – 2 August 2024, Helsinki, Finland

Conferences and seminars in Greece and Cyprus

Μουσικοθεραπεία: Θεωρητικές Προσεγγίσεις, Πρακτικές Εφαρμογές και Βιωματικές Ασκήσεις

January – March 2021, Online

Σεμιναριακός Κύκλος Εισαγωγής στη Μουσικοθεραπεία

17 February 2021 – 9 June 2021, Athens, Greece and e-Learning

2ος Κύκλος: Ειδική Καλλιτεχνική Αγωγή σε Εκπαιδευτικές Δομές και Χώρους Πολιτιστικής Αναφοράς 2020-2021

1 March 2021 – 24 October 2021, Online

Conferences and seminars organised by the sponsors of Approaches

The 12th European Music Therapy Conference ‘music therapy in progress: please disturb’

8-12 June 2022, Edinburgh, UK
Organised by Approaches’ sponsor: Queen Margaret University

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