Volume 10 (1) 2018

Volume 10 (1) 2018



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Behind the scenes
Giorgos Tsiris & Varvara Pasiali


Applying the ‘East Kent Outcomes System’ (EKOS) in music therapy
Rhian Saville

Mapping resilience: Analyses of measures and suggested uses in music therapy
Varvara Pasiali, Laree Schoolmeesters & Rebecca Engen

Flow as a mechanism of change in music therapy: Applications to clinical practice
Michael J. Silverman & Felicity A. Baker

Spirituality and music therapy: An action research project in clinical music therapy within the context of an anthropological theory of spirituality
Anita Neudorfer

An experiential description of the tango in interwar Greece (1922-1940) through the life narratives of elderly people in care homes
Aggeliki Koufou


The third edition of ‘Music Therapy Research’: An interview with Barbara Wheeler
Barbara Wheeler & Daphne Rickson


Twenty years of music therapy at Berklee College of Music
Suzanne Hanser

Book reviews

International Dictionary of Music Therapy (Kevin Kirkland, Ed.)
Reviewed by Helen Short

International Perspectives in Music Therapy Education and Training (Karen Goodman, Ed.)
Reviewed by Melissa Mercadal-Brotons

Paul Nordoff: Composer & Music Therapist (Colin Andrew Lee)
Reviewed by Jacqueline Z. Robarts

How Music Helps in Music Therapy and Everyday Life (Gary Ansdell)
Reviewed by Mario Eugster

Music Therapy: An Art Beyond Words (2nd Edition) (Leslie Bunt & Brynjulf Stige)
Reviewed by Stine Lindahl Jacobsen

Group Music Therapy: A Group Analytic Approach (Alison Davies, Eleanor Richards & Nick Barwick)
Reviewed by Mitsi Akoyunoglou-Christou

Active Ageing with Music: Supporting Wellbeing in the Third and Fourth Ages (Andrea Creech, Susan Hallam, Maria Varvarigou & Hilary McQueen)
Reviewed by Clare Monckton

Conference reports

Music therapy and oncology symposium
Mariza Neiada

The Third International Symposium for Music Therapy with Adolescents ‘Adolescent development and music therapy: Dialogues in action’
Kassandra e’Silva

The 4th International Conference of the International Association for Music and Medicine
Amy Clements-Cortés

The 10th European Music Therapy Conference ‘A symphony of dialogues’
Hiroko Miyake

Examining the utility of music interventions for children with learning disabilities
Beth Pickard

Ημερίδα του ΕΣΠΕΜ στο πλαίσιο της Ευρωπαϊκής Ημέρας Μουσικοθεραπείας
Ασπασία Φραγκούλη & Ουρανία Λιαρμακοπούλου

The First Music Therapy Research Day at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
Gillian O’Dempsey

International symposium ‘Music therapy in educational settings’
Anne-Katrin Jordan & Philippa Derrington

15th World Congress of Music Therapy ‘Moving forward with music therapy’
Katie Boom


A tribute to Mary Priestley (4 March 1925 – 11 June 2017)
Kenneth Bruscia

Translated abstracts