Book review: “Defining Music Therapy” (3rd Edition) (Kenneth Bruscia) — Reviewed by Theo Dimitriadis

Τεύχος 10 (2) 2018 – Book review (first published on 1 August 2016)

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Defining Music Therapy (3rd Edition) (Kenneth Bruscia)

Reviewed by Theo Dimitriadis

Title: Defining Music Therapy (3rd Edition) | Author: Kenneth Bruscia | Publication year: 2014 | Publisher: Barcelona Publishers | Pages: 417 | ISBN: 978-1-937440572

defining music therapy

Theo Dimitriadis, MMTh, is a music therapist and music therapy researcher based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His clinical experience includes work with various client groups, such as children with an autism spectrum disorder, elderly people with dementia and clients in neurological rehabilitation. His current research activities focus on outcome measures that can be used in high-level evidence, such as randomised controlled trials, in particular within music therapy with clients with dementia.