Book review: “Music Therapy in Action” (Priestley) – Reviewed by Kay Sobey

Τεύχος 9 (1) 2017 – Book review (first published on 2 December 2014)

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Music Therapy in Action (Priestley)

Reviewed by Kay Sobey

Title: Music Therapy in Action (2nd Edition) | Author: Mary Priestley | Year: 2012 | Publisher: Barcelona Publishers | Pages: 270 | ISBN: 978-1-937440-15-2


Kay Sobey was Convenor of the PostGraduate Diploma/MA programmes in Music Therapy at Roehampton University from 1990-2005. Her most recent clinical practice was with children under five and their families in a Child Development Centre. She now works for The Music Well in Rye in a mainstream primary school with children who have behavioural and emotional problems. She is also part of the editorial team for the British Journal of Music Therapy.