Scope and vision

In the spirit of contributing both to the Greek and to the international scene of music therapy, Approaches often comes up against questions regarding the ‘local’ and the ‘universal’ in terms of discipline, language, and culture. These questions remain relevant and  inform the vision of Approaches as follows:

  • bilingualism: as a bilingual (Greek-English) publication, the journal is addressed both to the international community and to the Greek-speaking readership. Approaches believes that the development of indigenous academic reasoning and language contribute significantly to the advance of scientific knowledge and professional practices within each cultural context.
  • interdisciplinarity: as an interdisciplinary publication, the journal invites diverse perspectives and approaches both from the field of music therapy and from related disciplines from the wider field of music, health and wellbeing, such as music education, community music, ethnomusicology, music psychology etc. Approaches promotes interdisciplinary dialogue and mutual exchange.
  • open access: as an online open access publication, the journal offers free access to its contents, while authors publish their work without charge. Approaches believes that free access and dissemination of knowledge is highly important, giving the opportunity to everyone not only to have access to knowledge but also to co-shape it.
  • peer-review: as an academic publication, the journal follows a thorough review process for all submissions.