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The First View section provides advance access to papers which have been reviewed and accepted for publication. When a paper is assigned to an issue of the journal, it is removed from this section.

Book Review (published 17 November 2023)
Developing issues in world music therapy education and training: A plurality of views (Goodman, ed.)
Reviewed by Tim Honig

Conference Report (published 27 October 2023)
The 1st Panhellenic Conference on Community Music: ‘Music and musicians for a better society: Beginnings, experiences, perspectives’
Mitsi Akoyunoglou & Carolina Giannakopoulou

Report (published 13 October 2023)
The process of the legislative regulation of the music therapy profession in Cyprus
Antonia Plysi & Panagiota Kapnisi

Conference Report (published 10 October 2023)
The 17th World Congress of Music Therapy ‘Music therapists: Reflecting, connecting and innovating in the global community’
Elizabeth Coombes

Article (published 10 October 2023)
Exploring clinicians’ experiences of engaging in collaborative music therapy and speech and language therapy for children with an acquired brain injury
James Burns & Rebecca Susan O’ Connor

Article (published 25 September 2023)
A duoethnography about musicking at an older adult care home during COVID-19
Catrien Wentint & Liesl van der Merwe

Book Review (published 30 August 2023)
Collaborative insights: Interdisciplinary perspectives on musical care throughout the life course (Spiro & Sanfilippo, eds.)
Reviewed by Rachel Darnley-Smith

Book Review (published 4 August 2023)
Music therapy for autistic children in Aoetera, New Zealand (Rickson)
Reviewed by Eugenia Hernandez-Ruiz

Article (published 10 July 2023)
The development and design of the Musical Functional Assessment Profile (MFAP) in autism
Nuria Marsimian

Report (published 4 July 2023)
Using Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP) for the continuing professional development of a team of music therapists: Evaluation and reflections
Miriam Sarah Craddock

Article (published 19 June 2023)
Exploring the potential benefits of an online music-based meditation programme for family carers of people with dementia
Lisa Kelly, Katie Togher, Rosie Connolly, Betty Killeen, Ita Richardson & Hilary Moss

Interview (published 22 March 2023)
Music therapy through the screen with children with autism: Reflections on the differences between in-person and online improvisation
Ferdinando M. Suvini, Agostino Longo & Marco Giusti

Article (published 15 March 2023)
Investigating trial feasibility of music care in hospice and palliative care
Arbaaz Patel, Caleb Kim, SarahRose Black, Bev Foster & Chelsea Mackinnon

Letter to the editor (published 27 February 2023)
Response to Gattino’s review of the book ‘The AQR tool – Assessment of the quality of relationship’
Karin Schumacher

Conference Report (published 24 February 2023)
The 2nd Music Therapy Charity conference: “Music therapy in the UK” 
Jonathan Tang

Conference Report (published 21 February 2023)
Key Changes Music Therapy Annual Conference “Just when we thought it was safe…”
Lisa Margetts

Conference Report (published 16 February 2023)
The 12th European Music Therapy Conference: ‘music therapy in progress: please disturb’
Stella Hadjineophytou

Book Review (published 10 February 2023)
Toward a sociology of music therapy: Musicking as a cultural immunogen (Ruud)
Reviewed by Gabrielle Banzon

Book Review (published 8 February 2023)
Psychological therapies for adults with autism (Spain, Musich & White, eds.)
Reviewed by Hilary Davies

Conference Report (published 22 December 2022)
The 1st International Conference on Children’s Music Therapy: “Health for Children with Music”
Victoria Kammin

Conference Report (published 30 November 2022)
Where innovation meets evidence: The cutting edge of Neurologic Music Therapy and evidence-based practice in clinical settings
Charlotte Smith

Conference Report (published 23 November 2022)
The 7th International Conference of the International Association for Music and Medicine (IAMM)
Marija Pranjić

Article (published 28 October 2022)
Music therapy with individuals with severe multiple disabilities
Claudia Bajs

Article (published 19 October 2022)
The Individual Music-Centered Assessment Profile for Neurodevelopmental Disorders (IMCAP-ND) for use in Portugal: Translation and psychometric evidence
Marisa M. Raposo, Teresa Leite, Gustavo Schulz Gattino & Alexandre Castro-Caldas

Article (published 28 September 2022)
Foundations for change management in integrating the arts into healthcare: An empirical study
Jennifer MacRitchie, Alison Short, Stella Dion & Josephine SF Chow

Book review (published 29 August 2022)
Addressing issues of mental health in schools through the arts: Teachers and music therapists working together (Clough & Tarr)
Reviewed by Eleni Tsolka

Article (published 22 August 2022)
“There has probably never been a more important time to be a music therapist”: Exploring how three music therapy practitioners working in adult mental health settings in the UK experienced the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic
George Chandler & Emma Maclean

Article (published 11 August 2022)
The need for robust critique of arts and health research: An examination of the Goldbeck and Ellerkamp (2012) randomised controlled trial of music therapy for anxiety in children, and its treatment in four systematic reviews
Stephen Clift, Katarzyna Grebosz-Haring, Leonhard Thun-Hohenstein, Anna Katharina Schuchter-Wiegand & Arne C. Bathke

Book review (published 1 August 2022)
Sing & sign for young children: A guide for early childhood professionals (Meeker Watson)
Reviewed by Beth Pickard

Article (published 28 July 2022)
Brief online Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) sessions for university students: Urgency and surrender
Katrina Skewes McFerran & Denise Elizabeth Grocke

Article (published 27 June 2022)
Nurture and play for foster families with young children: Foster-parents’ reflections on attachment-focused group intervention
Kirsi Tuomi & Esa Ala-Ruona

Article (published 1 June 2022)
Frontline Support: Responding to the COVID-19 mental health crisis in South Africa through online arts and music therapy
Carol Lotter, Nethaniëlle Mattison, Calsey Shroeder & Anja Pollard

Article (published 27 May 2022)
“When the music is on, she is there” – Professional caregivers’ perspectives and use of musical interactions in caring for the person with dementia
Julie K. Krøier & Hanne Mette Ridder

Article (published 25 May 2022)
An audit of music therapy in acute National Health Service (NHS) settings for people with dementia in the UK and adaptations made due to COVID-19
Naomi Thompson & Helen Odell-Miller

Article (published 31 March 2022)
Investigating the suitability of customised playlists for childbirth in Ireland and Hong Kong
Pui-Sze Cheung & Tríona McCaffrey

Article (published 29 March 2022)
In defence of working with “patients” in music therapy
Marianne Rizkallah

Book Review (published 26 March 2022)
Ethical thinking in music therapy (2nd ed., Dileo)
Reviewed by Anastasia Canfield

Article (published 20 March 2022)
Music therapy in Slovakia: Contexts and current practice
Jana Halmo

Άρθρο (δημσιεύτηκε 17 Μαρτίου 2022)
Προσεγγίζοντας το χρονικό σχήμα της «επανάληψης παραλλαγής»:Από την οικοδόμηση μουσικού χρόνου στη συγκρότηση ενός ρυθμικού πλαισίου για το συμπαθητικό μοίρασμα συγκινήσεων 
Βασιλική Ρεράκη

Book Review (published 28 February 2022)
The AQR tool – Assessment of the quality of relationship (Schumacher & Calvet)
Reviewed by Gustavo Gattino

Book Review (published 9 February 2022)
Trauma-sensitive mindfulness: Practices for safe and transformative healing (Treleaven)
Reviewed by Özgür Salur

Book Review (published 31January 2022)
Foundations in music psychology: Theory and research (Rentfrow & Levitin, Eds.)
Reviewed by Michael Bonshor

Article (published 24 January 2022)
Healthcare musicians and musico-emotional work: An in-depth case study within the context of
end-of-life care

Taru-Anneli Koivisto

Βιβλιοκρικτκή (published 20 January 2022)
Μουσικές κοινότητες στην Ελλάδα του 21ου αιώνα: Εθνογραφικές ματιές και ακροάσεις (Θεοδοσίου & Καλλιμοπούλου, Επιμ.)
Από τον Θεοχάρη Ράπτη

Commentary (published 18 January 2022)
A commentary on “The Communication-Relationship Outcome Matrix (CROM): A tool for measuring communication outcomes in everyday music therapy practice” written by Jenny Kirkwood
Gustavo Schulz Gattino

Article (published 10 January 2022)
“Medicine for the soul” – Older men’s identity performance and affect attunement through music listening
Katarina Lindblad & Ulrik Volgsten

Book Review (published 27  December 2021)
The Oxford handbook of eating disorders (2nd edition) (Agras & Robinson, Eds.)
Reviewed by Annie Heiderscheit

Book Review (published 21 October 2021)
Relationship completion in palliative care music therapy (Clements-Cortés & Yip, Eds.)
Reviewed by Bob Heath

Book Review (published 18 October 2021)
Music therapy in a multicultural context (Belgrave & Kim, Eds.)
Reviewed by Kerryn Tracey

Book Review (published 15 October 2021)
Music therapy in adoption and trauma: Therapy that makes a difference after placement (Gravestock)
Reviewed by Francis Myerscough

Article (published 10 October 2021)
The Communication-Relationship Outcomes Matrix (CROM): A tool for measuring communication outcomes in everyday music therapy practice
Jenny Kirkwood

Book Review (published 25 September 2021)
Music therapy with women with addictions (Gardstrom & Willenbrink-Conte)
Reviewed by Tsvia Horesh

Article (published 12 September 2021)
‘Sewing together’: An idiographic study of a music therapist’s experiences of a group at a special school for children and young people with severe and complex special educational needs
Luke Annesley & Nicolette O’Neill

Article (published 8 September 2021)
“Surprisingly helpful”: An exploration of trainee and registered music therapists’ perspectives on the current role of personal therapy in music therapy training in the United Kingdom
Megan Brand, Victoria Clarke & Catherine Warner

Article (published 3 September 2021)
Vocal Psychotherapy with traumatised Greek clients
Kandia Bouzioti

Article (published 29 August 2021)
Introducing the Music Therapy Visual Schedule Approach (MT-ViSA): Contexts and considerations for visual design and production
Allison M. Fuller

Article (published 26 August 2021)
Profound music experience: Flow, transgression and transcendence in music therapy in psycho-oncology
Agnieszka Łuciuk-Wojczuk