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The First View section provides advance access to papers which have been reviewed and accepted for publication. When a paper is assigned to an issue of the journal, it is removed from this section.

Article (published 17 November 2020)
A clinical case study: Music therapy for an Ultra-Orthodox child with behavioural difficulties and developmental gaps
Nir Seri

Report (published 13 November 2020)
Creating a COVID-19 Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) self-help resource for those with mild to moderate symptoms of the disease
Martin Lawes

Report (published 10 November 2020)
The North London Music Therapy Phone Support Service for NHS staff during the COVID-19 pandemic: Α report about the service and its relevance for the music therapy profession“
Marianne Rizkallah

Article (published 2 November 2020)
“Music is something to cling to; a lifeline” – Music listening in managing life with chronic pain and anxiety
Marie Strand Skånland

Conference Report (published 30 October 2020)
Sixth conference of the International Association for Music and Medicine
Marcela Lichtensztejn

Book Review (published 27 October 2020)
Colors of us: Early childhood music therapy around the world (Kern, Ed.)
Reviewed by Ilene Berger Morris

Special feature – Report (published 17 October 2020)
Music therapy in Greece and its applications in dementia and end-of-life care
Giorgos Tsiris & Christina Kalliodi

Book Review (published 16 October 2020)
Psychodynamic approaches to the experience of dementia: Perspectives from observation, theory and practice (Evans, Garner & Darnley-Smith, Eds.)
Reviewed by Jodie Bloska

Book Review (published 12 October 2020)
Collaborations within and between dramatherapy and music therapy: Experiences, challenges and opportunities in clinical and training contexts (Oldfield & Carr, Eds.)
Reviewed by Seren Haf Grime

Article (published 5 October 2020)
‘It’s just a different dimension’: Music therapists’ experiences of hearing loss
Sara Cole & Catherine Warner

Interview (published 23 September 2020)
A conversation about Music and Autism: Speaking for Ourselves
Michael B. Bakan & Kenneth Aigen

Article (published 22 August 2020)
Relaxation Music (RM), Mindfulness Meditation (MM) and Relaxation Techniques (RTs) in healthcare: A qualitative case study of practices in the UK and South Korea
Mi Hyang Hwang & Leslie Bunt

Report (published 12 August 2020)
The Online Conference for Music Therapy (OCMT): Demonstrating best practices for virtual conferences, education and training
Amy Clements-Cortés

Article (published 30 July 2020)
Who’s afraid of Christian Wolff? Exploring experimental music on an acute inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit
Enrico Curreri

Article (published 23 July 2020)
Knowledge and training of Orff-based music therapy among students, clinicians, and educators
Cynthia M. Colwell

Letter to the editor (published 19 July 2020)
Response to Rizkallah’s review of the book ‘Integrative health through music therapy: Accompanying the journey from illness to wellness’
Mohan Sundararaj

Special feature – Report (published 14 July 2020)
Music therapy in Tunisia: An introduction and some emerging initiatives in dementia and oncology
Rihab Jebali

Special feature – Article (published 6 July 2020)
Music therapy in Turkey: Historical background and current perspectives on dementia and end-of-life care
Burçin Uçaner Çifdalöz

Book review (published 25 June 2020)
Introduction to music therapy practice (Heiderscheit & Jackson)
Caroline Anderson

Special feature – Report (published 20 June 2020)
Music therapy in dementia and end-of-life care: A report from Italy
Mariagrazia Baroni

Special feature – Report (published 15 June 2020)
Music therapy and its applications in dementia care: Spanish perspectives
Melissa Mercadal-Brotons & Mònica de Castro

Special feature – Report (published 8 June 2020)
Music therapy in dementia and end-of-life care: A report from Israel
Ayelet Dassa

Special feature – Report (published 7 June 2020)
Music therapy in Montenegro: Perspectives on the current situation
Mirjana Rajčić & Tatjana Krkeljić

Special feature – Report (published 2 June 2020)
Music therapy in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: An overview and some perspectives on dementia and end-of-life care
Buran Saada & Elizabeth Coombes

Special feature – Preface (published 30 May 2020)
Melissa Mercada-Brotons

Special feature – Editorial (published 27 May 2020) 
Our sea: Music therapy in dementia and end-of-life care in the Mediterranean region
Giorgos Tsiris & Enrico Ceccato

Article (published 20 May 2020)
Using music-adapted technology to explore Bruscia’s clinical techniques introduced in autism research: Pilot study
Ashley Kurkjian, Kathleen Skinner & Heidi Ahonen

Article (published 20 May 2020)
Bruscia’s clinical techniques for improvisational music therapy in autism research: A scoping review
Kathleen Skinner, Ashley Kurkjian & Heidi Ahonen

Conference Report (published 11 May 2020)
Music therapy and autism
Charlotte Smith

Conference Report (published 7 May 2020)
CIM19 – Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology ‘Embodiment in music’
Elli Xypolitaki

Book review (published 1 May 2020)
Musical pathways in recovery: Community music therapy and mental wellbeing (Ansdell & DeNora, with Wilson)
Penny Warren

Book review (published 27 April 2020)
Θεραπευτικές προσεγγίσεις μέσω της τέχνης (Τσέγρας)
Μίλτος Χαραλαμπίδης

Film review (published 17 April 2020)
Operation syncopation: Music therapy and autism (Thompson, Ed.)
Efrat Roginsky

Book review (published 12 April 2020)
Early childhood music therapy and autism spectrum disorder: Supporting children and their families (2nd ed., Kern & Humpal, Eds.)
Emma Donnelly

Conference report (published 8 April 2020)
11th European Music Therapy Conference ‘Fields of Resonance’
Anita Swanson

Article (published 31 March 2020)
Reflections upon boundary complexities in the clinical practice of Croatian and Polish music therapists
Ana Katušić & Ludwika Konieczna-Nowak

Book review (published 3 March 2020)
A transpersonal model of music therapy: Deepening practice (Crowe)
Noah Potvin

Report (published 28 February 2020)
Thresholds: Skype supervision and the liminal within a ‘journey of two’
Maria Radoje & Sally Pestell

Book review (published 23 February 2020)
Responsiveness in music therapy improvisation: A perspective inspired by Mikhail Bakhtin (Stensæth)
Gillian Zambor

Conference report (published 18 February 2020)
The 9th Nordic Music Therapy Congress ‘Come Together: Body and mind, heart and soul’
Maayan Salomon-Gimmon

Book review (published 10 February 2020)
Early theoretical writings on music therapy: 1951-1960 (American Music Therapy Association with introductions by Bruscia)
Kathleen M. Murphy

Book review (published 3 February 2020)
Integrative health through music therapy: Accompanying the journey from illness to wellness (Hanser)
Marianne Rizkallah

Article (published 30 January 2020)
Using Sounds of Intent (SOI) to evaluate the impact of music therapy on girls with Rett Syndrome
Ana Rita Maia & José Morgado

Article (published 25 January 2020)
Forms of vitality and microanalysis in music therapy within adult autism: A clinical report
Alberto Balducci

Book review (published 16 January 2020)
Η μουσική ως φάρμακο: Η βιολογική προσέγγιση της μουσικής θεραπείας (Δρίτσας)
Ξανθούλα Ντακοβάνου

Article (published 12 January 2020)
Therapeutic Music Training (TMT): A music therapy model using music training on an instrument to address therapeutic goals in the areas of cognition and psychosocial health
Cheryl Jones

Book review (published 6 January 2020)
Assessment and evaluation of narratives in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) (Perilli)
Reviewed by Jojo Lander

Article (published 4 January 2020)
A synopsis of the MusiQual feasibility study into the effectiveness of music therapy in palliative care inpatient settings
Jenny Kirkwood, Lisa Graham-Wisener, Tracey McConnell, Sam Porter & Joanne Reid

Article (published 9 November 2019)
What are the factors of effective therapy? Encouraging a positive experience for families in music therapy
Rachel Swanick

Book review (published 3 November 2019)
Music therapy assessment: Theory, research, and application (Jacobsen, Waldon & Gattino, Eds.)
Reviewed by Martin Lawes

Book review (published 29 October 2019)
Creative therapies for complex trauma: Helping children and families in foster care, kinship care or adoption (Hendry & Hasler, Eds.)
Reviewed by Aksana Kavaliova-Moussi

Book review (published 26 October 2019)
Tales from the music therapy room: Creative connections (Molyneux, Ed.)
Reviewed by Kimberly Sena Moore

Book review (published 19 October 2019)
Music therapy for premature and newborn infants (2nd Ed., Nöker-Ribaupierre, Ed.)
Reviewed by Wendy Jeenes

Book review (published 9 October 2019)
The Oxford handbook of music therapy (Edwards, Ed.)
Reviewed by Alison Talmage

Report (published 17 September 2019)
‘Wriggles and rhymes’: Developing a parent and infant music therapy group at a hospice for children with life-limiting conditions and their carers
Helen Mottram & Maeve Rigney

Book review (published 15 September 2019)
The lives of music therapists: Profiles in creativity (Volume 1) (Moreno, Ed.)
Reviewed by Jamal Jasani Glynn

Article (published 5 August 2019)
Process and experience of change in the self-perception of women prisoners attending music therapy: The qualitative results of a mixed-methods exploratory study
Helen Odell-Miller, Jodie Bloska, Clara Browning & Niels Hannibal

Article (published 31 July 2019)
Rap and recovery: A music therapy process-oriented intervention for adults with concurrent disorders
Kevin Kirkland & Samuel King

Article (published 30 July 2019)
Exploring a potential role for music therapy to promote positive communication and emotional change for couples: A single-session pilot case study
Peter McNamara, Ruyu Wang & Hilary Moss

Book review (published on 25 July 2019)
Τέχνη, φιλοσοφία, θεραπεία: Άρθρα και εφαρμογές, Τόμος Α΄ & Β΄ (Λάζου & Πατιός, Επιμ.)
Reviewed by Dora Psaltopoulou & Anna Maria Marangu-Eucharis

Article (published 1 June 2019)
The role of leadership and facilitation in fostering connectedness and development through participation in the Just Brass music programme
Katrina Skewes McFerran & Jessica Higgins

Article (published 30 May 2019)
Using culture-specific music therapy to manage the therapy deficit of post-traumatic stress disorder and associated mental health conditions in Syrian refugee host environments
Hasan Abdulbaki & Jonathan Berger

Report (published 15 May 2019)
What are we waiting for? Anticipating the second edition of The Handbook of Music Therapy by Bunt, Hoskyns and Swamy
Daphne Rickson

Article (published on 26 February 2019)
Exploring music therapists’ attitude toward wellness for successful ageing and its inclusion in music therapy training curricula 
Reviewed by Lorna Segall

Book review (published on 23 February 2019)
Music therapy for multisensory and body awareness in children and adults with severe to profound multiple disabilities: The MuSense manual (Adler & Samsonova-Jellison)
Reviewed by Gretchen Chardos Benner

Book review (published on 18 February 2019)
Composition and improvisation resources for music therapists (Lee, Berends & Pun, Eds.)
Reviewed by Gráinne Ravani Foster