Volume 14 (2) 2022

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Expanding the scope of open access journals: The ‘Approaches PLUS’ initiative
Giorgos Tsiris


A clinical case study: Music therapy for an Ultra-Orthodox child with behavioural difficulties and developmental gaps
Nir Seri

How music-for-health practitioners’ decision-making processes inform their practice in paediatric hospitals
Jessica Tomlinson & John Habron

“Music is something to cling to; a lifeline” – Music listening in managing life with chronic pain and anxiety
Marie Strand Skånland

‘It’s just a different dimension’: Music therapists’ experiences of hearing loss
Sara Cole & Catherine Warner


“Music to the ear”: An interview with Paul Whittaker
Shirley Salmon & Paul Whittaker


Embodied voice work: Beyond singing (Sokolov)
Reviewed by Tina Warnock

The use of voice in music therapy (Meashey)
Reviewed by Patricia Winter

Advanced methods of music therapy practice: Analytical music therapy, the Bonny method of Guided Imagery and Music, Nordoff-Robbins music therapy and Vocal Psychotherapy (Cohen)
Reviewed by Claudia Zanini

Jungian music psychotherapy: When psyche sings (Kroeker)
Reviewed by Catherine O’Leary

Psychodynamic approaches to the experience of dementia: Perspectives from observation, theory and practice (Evans, Garner & Darnley-Smith, Eds.)
Reviewed by Jodie Bloska

Colors of us: Early childhood music therapy around the world (Kern, Ed.)
Reviewed by Ilene Berger Morris

Music therapy and autism across the lifespan (Dunn, Coombes, MacLean, Mottram & Nugent, Eds.)
Reviewed by Thomas Bergmann

Η μουσική θεραπεύει: Η θεραπευτική δράση της μουσικής στις αναπτυξιακές διαταραχές (Μαντζίκος)
Reviewed by Άρτεμις Χριστοδούλου

Collaborations within and between dramatherapy and music therapy: Experiences, challenges and opportunities in clinical and training contexts (Oldfield & Carr, Eds.)
Reviewed by Seren Haf Grime

The Oxford handbook of qualitative research (2nd ed.) (Leavy, Ed.)
Reviewed by Barbara L. Wheeler


The 5th International Conference of Dalcroze studies (ICDS5) ‘Dalcroze practice in diverse cultures, communities and contexts’
Anna Harrison

Music and medicine: Musicological and medical-historical approaches
John Habron