Volume 15 (2) 2023

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Editorial | Σημεiωμα συνταξης

“Words are delicious”
Nicky Haire                                                                                                                                         165

«Οι λέξεις είναι νόστιμες»
Nicky Haire                                                                                                                                        167


Profound music experience: Flow, transgression and transcendence in music therapy in psycho-oncology
Agnieszka Łuciuk-Wojczuk                                                                                                                170

Vocal Psychotherapy with traumatised Greek clients
Kandia Bouzioti                                                                                                                                 200

“Surprisingly helpful”: An exploration of trainee and registered music therapists’ perspectives on the current role of personal therapy in music therapy training in the United Kingdom
Megan Brand, Victoria Clarke & Catherine Warner                                                                           219

‘Sewing together’: An idiographic study of a music therapist’s experiences of a group at a special school for children and young people with severe and complex special educational needs
Luke Annesley & Nicolette O’Neill                                                                                                     241

Introducing the Music Therapy Visual Schedule Approach (MT-ViSA): Contexts and considerations for visual design and production
Allison M. Fuller                                                                                                                                 277

The Communication-Relationship Outcomes Matrix (CROM): A tool for measuring communication outcomes in everyday music therapy practice
Jenny Kirkwood                                                                                                                                 297


A commentary on “The Communication-Relationship Outcome Matrix (CROM): A tool for measuring communication outcomes in everyday music therapy practice” written by Jenny Kirkwood
Gustavo Schulz Gattino                                                                                                                     328

Book reviews | Βιβλιοκριτικές

Music therapy with women with addictions (Gardstrom & Willenbrink-Conte)
Reviewed by Tsvia Horesh                                                                                                                333

Music therapy in adoption and trauma: Therapy that makes a difference after placement (Gravestock)
Reviewed by Francis Myerscough                                                                                                    336

Relationship completion in palliative care music therapy (Clements-Cortés & Yip, Eds.)
Reviewed by Bob Heath                                                                                                                    339

The Oxford handbook of eating disorders (2nd edition) (Agras & Robinson, Eds.)
Reviewed by Annie Heiderscheit                                                                                                       342

Music therapy in a multicultural context (Belgrave & Kim, Eds.)
Reviewed by Kerryn Tracey                                                                                                               345

Μουσικές κοινότητες στην Ελλάδα του 21ου αιώνα: Εθνογραφικές ματιές και ακροάσεις (Θεοδοσίου & Καλλιμοπούλου, Επιμ.)
Κριτική από τον Θεοχάρη Ράπτη                                                                                                     347


The 7th International Conference of the International Association for Music and Medicine (IAMM)
Marija Pranjić                                                                                                                                     351

Where innovation meets evidence: The cutting edge of Neurologic Music Therapy and evidence-based practice in clinical settings
Charlotte Smith                                                                                                                                  355

The 1st International Conference on Children’s Music Therapy: “Health for children with music”
Victoria Kammin                                                                                                                                358