10th Anniversary (2009-2019)

10th Anniversary leaflet [PDF]

In 2019, Approaches celebrates its 10th anniversary since the publication of its first journal issue.

Over the past ten years, as you can read in our history, Approaches has developed partnerships with different organisations and has published a number of special issues. 

Today, Approaches is one of the leading open access music therapy journals internationally.

The journal has published the work of over 400 authors. Their diverse areas of expertise and their institutional affiliations reflect the journal’s international scope and its commitment to interdisciplinary dialogue. 

Since Approaches’ establishment, we have also worked with over 100 reviewers. Together with our Editorial Board, reviewers continue to play a vital role in ensuring and improving the quality of the papers published in the journal.

We gratefully thank all of you for contributing to the ongoing development of Approaches.

If you wish to contribute to Approaches future development you can…