Volume 15 (1) 2023

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Invitations to gather
Andeline Dos Santos & Lucy Bolger


Utilising musical microanalysis and phenomenology to enhance understanding of the impact of improvisational music psychotherapy on self-efficacy for a client with depression and anxiety
Laura Teutsch, Sara Petrie & Heidi Ahonen

The impact of group music therapy for individuals with eating disorders
Priya Shah, Elizabeth Mitchell, Shannon Remers, Sherry Van Blyderveen & Heidi Ahonen

Music therapy as a protection strategy against toxic stress for Palestinian refugee children in Lebanon: A pilot research study
Deborah Parker, Liliane Younes, Mohamad Orabi, Simon Procter & Milena Paulini

Can music therapy and community music co-exist in a community-based music service? A qualitative inquiry into reflections and perceptions from professionals in the field 
Fabian Joyce & Hilary Moss

Integrative perspectives on mindfulness, music and music therapy: A literature review
Mi Hyang Hwang


A commentary on “Integrative perspectives on mindfulness, music and music therapy: A literature review” (Hwang)
Jo Parsons


Music as a global resource: Solutions for cultural, social, health, educational, environmental, and economic issues (5th ed.) (Hesser & Bartleet, Eds.)
Reviewed by Hala Jaber

Music therapy in Turkey (Çifdalöz & Türkmen, Eds.)
Reviewed by Fatma Nil Özalp

Guided Imagery and Music: The Bonn  Method and beyond (2nd ed.) (Grocke, Ed.)
Reviewed by Maria Samara

Creative arts therapies and the LGBTQ community: Theory and practice (Macwilliam, Harris, Trottier & Long, Eds.)
Reviewed by Christina Santaka

Music therapy in child welfare: Bridging provision, protection and participation (Krüger)
Reviewed by Joy Gravestock

Music therapy in neonatal intensive care: Influences of culture (Shoemark & Ettenberger, Eds.)
Reviewed by Katie Rose M. Sanfilippo

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans individuals living with dementia: Concepts, practice and rights (Westwood & Price, Eds.)
Reviewed by Vicky Guise

Music in paediatric hospitals: Nordic perspectives (Bonde & Johansson, Eds.)
Reviewed by Marion Musting


The 10th Nordic Music Therapy Conference “Music therapy: Adapting approaches for health”
Henry Dunn

The 2nd International Symposium on Continuum Model of Guided Imagery and Music
Petra Jerling