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Conference report (published on 27 June 2017)
Music therapy and oncology symposium
Mariza Neiada
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Article (published on 18 Ιουνίου 2017)
Διαφοροποιημένη διδασκαλία στη μουσική εκπαίδευση: Απόψεις και προβληματισμοί καθηγητών μουσικής πρωτοβάθμιας εκπαίδευσης
Κατερίνα Κεραμίδα & Ποθεινή Βαϊούλη
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Book review (published on 2 June 2017)
Arts Therapists in Multidisciplinary Settings: Working Together for Better Outcomes (Caroline Miller, Ed.)
Reviewed by Jane Burns
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Book review (published on 25 May 2017)
Relational Music Therapy: An Intersubjective Perspective (Gro Trondalen)
Reviewed by Morva Croxson
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Article (published on 21 May 2017)
A descriptive analysis of research productivity in the Journal of Music Therapy as measured by authorship and affiliations: 2000-2015
Michael J. Silverman, Lacey Reimnitz & Jake Uban
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Article (published on 8 May 2017)
Erwin Henry Schneider: Teacher, writer, and leader
Kyle Wilhelm & Lindsey Wilhelm
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Book review (published on 24 April 2017)
The 1982 Symposium on ‘Music in the Life of Man’: The Beginnings of Music Therapy Theory (Michelle Forinash & Carolyn Kenny, Eds.)
Reviewed by Denise Grocke
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Conference report (published on 14 April 2017)
Examining the utility of music interventions for children with learning disabilities
Beth Pickard
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Book review (published on 24 March 2017)
An Introduction to Music Therapy Research (Barbara L. Wheeler & Kathleen M. Murphy, Eds.)
Reviewed by Patricia Winter
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Article (published on 13 March 2017)
Η μουσική ως θεραπεία στην ελληνική αρχαιότητα
Ειρήνη Νικολάου
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Article (published on 8 March 2017)
When music therapists adopt an ethnographic approach: Discovering the music of ultra-religious boys in Israel
Nir Seri & Avi Gilboa
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Interview (published on 18 January 2017)
The third edition of ‘Music Therapy Research’: An interview with Barbara Wheeler
Barbara Wheeler & Daphne Rickson
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Conference report (published on 3 January 2017)
The 10th European Music Therapy Conference ‘A symphony of dialogues’
Hiroko Miyake
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Article (published on 27 November 2016)
Flow as a mechanism of change in music therapy: Applications to clinical practice
Michael J. Silverman & Felicity A. Baker
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Book review (published on 13 November 2016)
Exceptional Pedagogy for Children with Exceptionalities: International Perspectives (Deborah VanderLinde Blair and Kimberly A. McCord, Eds.)
Reviewed by Donald DeVito
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Book review (published on 12 October 2016)
Developments in Music Therapy Practice: Case Study Perspectives (Anthony Meadows, Editor)
Reviewed by Florencia Grasselli
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Article (published on 20 September 2016)
Mapping resilience: Analyses of measures and suggested uses in music therapy
Varvara Pasiali, Laree Schoolmeesters & Rebecca Engen
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Article (published on 16 September 2016)
An experiential description of the tango in interwar Greece (1922-1940) through the life narratives of elderly people in care homes
Aggeliki Koufou
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Conference report (published on 13 September 2016)
The Third International Symposium for Music Therapy with Adolescents ‘Adolescent development and music therapy: Dialogues in action’
Kassandra e’Silva
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Report (published on 12 September 2016)
Twenty years of music therapy at Berklee College of Music
Suzanne Hanser
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Conference report (published on 25 August 2016)
The 4th International Conference of the International Association for Music and Medicine (IAMM)
Amy Clements-Cortés
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Conference report (published on 9 August 2016)
The Second BAMT Conference ‘Re-visioning our voice: Resourcing music therapy for contemporary needs’
Claire McCarthy
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Conference report (published on 4 August 2016)
The Third Nordoff Robbins Plus Conference ‘Exploring music in therapeutic and community settings’
Katie Rose Sanfilippo & Neta Spiro
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Book review (published on 1 August 2016)
Defining Music Therapy (3rd Edition) (Kenneth Bruscia) 
Reviewed by Theo Dimitriadis
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Tribute (published on 25 July 2016)
A tribute to Andrew O’Hanrahan (23 February 1959 – 25 July 2015)
Jonathan Perkins, Amelia Oldfield, Hayley Hind, Emily Corke, Ruth Oreschnick, Nicky Haire & Philippa Derrington
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Conference report (published on 10 July 2016)
25th Annual Conference of the International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy (IAFP). Forensic Music Therapy Symposium: ‘European music therapy research perspectives on recovery in forensic families’
Stella Compton Dickinson
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Article (published on 24 April 2016)
Spirituality and music therapy: An action research project in clinical music therapy within the context of an anthropological theory of spirituality
Anita Neudorfer
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Book review (published on 3 April 2016)
Soundscapes of Wellbeing in Popular Music (Gavin J. Andrews, Paul Kingsbury & Robin Kearns, Eds.)
Reviewed by Muriel E. Swijghuisen Reigersberg
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Article (published on 27 March 2016)
Applying the ‘East Kent Outcomes System’ (EKOS) in music therapy
Rhian Saville
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Book review (published on 14 March 2016)
The Study of Music Therapy: Current Issues and Concepts (Kenneth S. Aigen)
Reviewed by Colin Andrew Lee
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Book review (published on 7 March 2016)
Musical Life Stories: Narratives on Health Musicking (Lars Ole Bonde, Even Ruud, Marie Strand Skånland & Gro Trondalen, Editors)
Reviewed by Maria Pothoulaki
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Tribute (published on 29 February 2016)
A tribute to Oliver Sacks (9 July 1933 – 30 August 2015)
Concetta M. Tomaino
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Article (published on 8 January 2016)
The challenges of fostering and maintaining continuity in a music therapy group for mothers and children who meet primarily during school holidays
Okiko Ishihara
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Book review (published on 14 December 2015)
Variations in Guided Imagery and Music: Taking a Closer Look (Bryan Muller)
Reviewed by Martin Lawes
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Book review (published on 12 December 2015)
International Dictionary of Music Therapy (Kevin Kirkland, Ed.)
Reviewed by Helen Short
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Book review (published on 14 September 2015)
International Perspectives in Music Therapy Education and Training (Karen D. Goodman, Ed.)
Reviewed by Melissa Mercadal-Brotons
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Conference report (published on 13 September 2015)
Research and Practice: Right and Wrong – A Joint Conference for Counselling, Psychotherapy and the Arts Therapies
Beth Pickard
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Book review (published on 28 August 2015)
Paul Nordoff: Composer & Music Therapist (Colin Andrew Lee)
Reviewed by Jacqueline Z. Robarts
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Interview (published on 13 July 2015)
Glimpses into the Challenges and Opportunities of a New Training Programme: The MA Music Therapy Programme at the University of South Wales
Elizabeth Coombes interviewed by Ioanna Etmektsoglou
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Book review (published on 10 June 2015)
Group Music Therapy: A Group Analytic Approach (Alison Davies, Eleanor Richards & Nick Barwick)
Reviewed by Mitsi Akoyunoglou-Christou
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Article (published on 9 May 2015)
Music Therapy as a Profession in Spain: Past, Present and Future
Melissa Mercadal-Brotons, Patricia L. Sabbatella & María Teresa Del Moral Marcos
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Book review (published on 4 May 2015)
Music Therapy: An Art Beyond Words (2nd Edition) (Leslie Bunt & Brynjulf Stige)
Reviewed by Stine Lindahl Jacobsen
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Book review (published on 31 March 2015)
How Music Helps in Music Therapy and Everyday Life (Gary Ansdell)
Reviewed by Mario Eugster
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Book review (published on 30 March 2015)
Active Ageing with Music: Supporting Wellbeing in the Third and Fourth Ages (Andrea Creech, Susan Hallam, Maria Varvarigou & Hilary McQueen)
Reviewed by Clare Monckton
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Article (published on 27 March 2015)
Interactive Therapeutic Music Skill-Sharing in the West Bank: An Evaluation Report of Project Beit Sahour
Elizabeth Coombes & Michal Tombs-Katz
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Article (published on 16 March 2015)
A Voyage of Discovery: From Fulfilling Funding Criteria to Revealing a Clearer Vision for Music Therapy in a Special Needs School
Claire Cartwright
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Βιβλιοκριτική (δημοσιεύθηκε στις 16 Μαρτίου 2015)
Extraordinary Measures: Disability in Music (Joseph N. Straus)
Από τον Αλέξανδρο Χαρκιολάκη
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Book review (published on 23 February 2015)
Improvising in Styles: A Workbook for Music Therapists, Educators and Musicians (Lee & Houde)
Reviewed by Ben Saul
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Article (published on 14 February 2015)
A Community Music Therapy Project’s Journey
Bethan Lee Shrubsole
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Book review (published on 2 December 2014)
Music Therapy in Action (Priestley)
Reviewed by Kay Sobey
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Book review (published on 27 November 2014)
Music, Disability, and Society (Lubet)
Reviewed by Sherrie Tucker
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Book review (published on 23 November 2014)
Music, Language and Autism: Exceptional Strategies for Exceptional Minds (Ockelford)
Reviewed by Alex Lubet
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Book review (published on 23 November 2014)
The Oxford Handbook of Medical Ethnomusicology (Koen, Lloyd, Barz & Brummel-Smith, Εds.)
Reviewed by Charlotte Cripps
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