Interactive therapeutic music skill-sharing in the West Bank: An evaluation report of project Beit Sahour – Elizabeth Coombes & Michal Tombs-Katz

Volume 9 (1) 2017 – Article (first published on 27 March 2015)

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Interactive therapeutic music skill-sharing in the West Bank: An evaluation report of project Beit Sahour

Elizabeth Coombes & Michal Tombs-Katz


Interactive therapeutic music skill-sharing projects are becoming more widespread, yet there exists little research into the areas of trainees’ motivations and transfer of skills, aspects that seem vital if the projects are to achieve their goals of upskilling employees and benefitting clients. Project Beit Sahour (2012 – ongoing) aimed to equip teachers and social workers with skills to run such groups in their workplaces. This paper provides an evaluation of the project that took place in the West Bank in two mainstream schools, with particular emphasis on trainee motivation, training programme quality and subsequent use and embedding of knowledge and skills. In order to evaluate the training programme, a series of questionnaires were devised and administered at specific times during and after training. Reports were also requested from the schools involved to obtain further information regarding the areas of evaluation. The paper offers an overall summary of findings, and makes recommendations regarding future areas of investigation in projects of this nature.

Keywords: music; therapeutic; skill-sharing; schools; motivation to learn; instrumentality; transfer; skills

Elizabeth Coombes, BMus, MA. Elizabeth is a Registered Music Therapist (HCPC), university lecturer and musician. She is also the Course Leader of the MA Music Therapy at the University of South Wales, Newport. Since qualifying in 2000, Elizabeth has specialised in working with children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties. She uses psychodynamic thinking to underpin her work, and also utilises her considerable experience in community music-making. She has worked on interactive therapeutic music projects in the West Bank since 2009, having an interest in how sharing these skills with non-musicians such as teachers and social workers can enrich their professional practice.


Michal Tombs-Katz, PhD, Psychology, Cardiff University. Michal is a Chartered Psychologist (AFBPsS) and a Registered Occupational Psychologist (HCPC). As an expert in the field of training and development, Michal uses psychological principles to study phenomena associated with training. Michal presented her work on motivation to learn nationally and internationally and in peer reviewed journals. Most recently, Michal wrote a book chapter for the British Psychological Society titled “Fostering a Continuous Learning Culture in the NHS: The Role of Leadership”. Michal has extensive experience of teaching in higher education and is the Course Leader of the undergraduate Psychology programmes at the University of South Wales, Newport.