Relational Music Therapy: An Intersubjective Perspective (Gro Trondalen) — Morva Croxson

Volume 11 (2) 2019 – Book review (first published on 25 May 2017)

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Relational Music Therapy: An Intersubjective Perspective (Gro Trondalen)   

Reviewed by Morva Croxson

Title: Relational Music Therapy: An Intersubjective Perspective | Author: Gro Trondalen | Publication year: 2016 | Publisher: Barcelona Publishers | Pages: 177 | ISBN: 9781937440183


Morva Croxson is President Emeritus, Life Member, and past Chairperson of Music Therapy New Zealand. She was Senior Lecturer in Music at Massey University College of Education before training in music therapy at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, followed by a Master of Philosophy through Massey University with a thesis focused on music therapy with children who have cerebral palsy. She has wide experience in music performance, music education and music therapy, and has presented and authored a broad range of music therapy topics. Morva has served on several national arts advisory boards, including chairing the Music Panel for the Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council. Morva was Chancellor of Massey University from 1997-2002, and was awarded Doctor of Literature, Honoris Causa, from that institution in 2003. Although retired from a broad-based music therapy career, Morva remains actively involved with the Master of Music Therapy programme at the New Zealand School of Music, as examiner and Advisory Panel member. She has maintained a wide range of national, local educational and community links, and is an active advocate for the arts, especially music.