“echo” Music Psychotherapy Center

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The “echo” Music Psychotherapy Center kindly sponsors the work of Approaches. To keep up-to-date with the events organised by “echo”, see the list of upcoming events.


The “echo”(i’xo) Music Psychotherapy Center was created in 2016. It aspires to provide high-quality music psychotherapy services, to offer support and training to music therapists and to promote music therapy in a comprehensive and scientifically accurate manner.

“Echo”’s space abides by official standards and has the necessary equipment to offer quality music psychotherapy services to people of all ages who face a wide range of difficulties. We offer sessions during pregnancy and post-partum, sessions for premature infants and their families inside and outside the NICU, and sessions for children, adolescents and adults.

Moreover, recognizing the value and necessity of the constant evolution of a music therapist, “echo” offers clinical supervision and educational workshops aiming at the expansion of the musical and therapeutic skills as well as the multifaceted development of the therapist’s personality. In this context, we have also established bi-monthly meetings of improvisation and discussion for music therapists, hoping to become a place for acquaintance and interaction of different therapeutic approaches and philosophies.

Finally, “echo” collaborates with organizations and clinical settings providing advice on the use of music, educational presentations and workshops as well as experiential groups on music therapy aiming to inform about its value and its benefits, to differentiate it from related fields and to support its dissemination and integration in health and education settings.