A commentary on “Integrative perspectives on mindfulness, music and music therapy: A literature review” (Hwang) — Jo Parsons

Volume 15 (1) 2023 – Commentary (first published on 25 April 2022)

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Jo Parsons received an Honours BMus in Music Theory and Composition from Memorial University in 2009 and completed the Master of Music Therapy program from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2011. During her career she has worked with adults in long term care, children in education and socially labelled vulnerable groups and communities. Her practice has taken her to a variety of countries including Canada, Nepal, Uganda, and her current location in Devon, England where she works in the mainstream school system. Jo is a PhD student at Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy/Goldsmiths University. Her research is practice based, regarding her work within mainstream education. [jo.parsons@nordoff-robbins.org.uk]