Special Issue 11 (1) 2019

Special Issue 11 (1) 2019

Exploring the spiritual in music: Interdisciplinary dialogues in music, wellbeing and education

Editors: Giorgos Tsiris & Gary Ansdell

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Exploring the spiritual in music
Giorgos Tsiris & Gary Ansdell


‘The constant hum of the engine…’: A story about extraordinary interdisciplinary dialogues in spirituality and wellbeing
Sara MacKian

The engine hums… occasionally it even sings: A response to Sara MacKian’s keynote ‘The constant hum of the engine…’
Lars Ole Bonde

Sacred moments in Guided Imagery and Music
Bolette Daniels Beck

Music, spirituality and wellbeing: Experiences of trans-subjective-participation in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM)
Martin Lawes

Exploring the “thin place” between life and death: Compassion-Focused Relational Music Therapy (CRMT) for terminal agitation in advanced cancer in a hospice setting
Kate Binnie

Music therapy and spiritual care: Music as spiritual support in a hospital environment
Astrid Notarangelo

Finding God in the intuitive: Reclaiming the therapists’ spirituality
Adam Kishtainy

Communicative musicality, music and transformation in the lives of parents and their children with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities (CPMD)
Efrat Roginsky & Cochavit Elefant

Imaginaries of spirituality, violence and health impacts in metal music: A critical history and case study
Owen Coggins

Music and the invisible world: Music as a bridge between different realms
Giorgio Scalici

Music and gerotranscendence: A culturally responsive approach to ageing
Faith Halverson-Ramos


Mysticism, ritual and religion in drone metal (Coggins)
Reviewed by Tia DeNora

Spiritual dimensions of Guided Imagery and Music (Clarkson)
Reviewed by Marilyn Clark

Spirituality and music education: Perspectives from three continents (Boyce-Tillman, Ed.)
Reviewed by Leslie Bunt


The 4th Nordoff Robbins Plus Research Conference and the 4th International Spirituality and Music Education (SAME) Conference ‘Exploring the spiritual in music: Interdisciplinary dialogues in music, wellbeing and education’
Karin S. Hendricks & Tawnya D. Smith