Special Issue 5 (2) 2013

Special Issue 5 (2) 2013

“The Orff approach to special music education and music therapy: Practice, theory and research”

Guest editor: Shirley Salmon

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Orff-Schulwerk in the 21st Century: A ‘Wild Flower’?
Shirley Salmon & Giorgos Tsiris (pp. 91-93)
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Orff Music Therapy: History, Principles and Further Development
Melanie Voigt (pp. 97-105)
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The Importance of “Orff-Schulwerk” for Musical Social-Integrative Pedagogy and Music Therapy
Karin Schumacher
Hellenic translation: Aspasia Fragkouli (pp. 106-112)
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English translation: Gloria Litwin (pp. 113-118)
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Elemental Music and Dance Pedagogy (EMDP): Artistic and Pedagogical Opportunities for People in Advanced Age
Christine Schönherr (pp. 119-124)
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Orff-Schulwerk in Special Education: A Case Study
Maria Filianou & Andriani Stamatopoulou (pp. 125-131)
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Interaction Creates Learning: Engaging Learners with Special Educational Needs through Orff-Schulwerk
Markku Kaikkonen & Sanna Kivijärvi (pp. 132-137)
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Music Therapy in Special Schools: The Assessment of the Quality of Relationship
Aspasia Fragkouli (pp. 152-165)
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Students with Special Needs in the 21st Century Music Classroom: Practices and Perceptions of Orff- and Non-Orff Trained Educators
Lori Gooding, Michael Hudson & Olivia Yinger (pp. 166-174)
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Children’s Storybooks in the Elementary Music Classroom: A Description of their Use by Orff-Schulwerk Teachers
Cynthia Colwell (pp. 175-187)
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Universal Design for Learning: Special Educators Integrating Orff Approach Into Their Teaching
Kimberly McCord (pp. 188-193)
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Ένα Πρόγραμμα Μουσικοκινητικής Αγωγής Carl Orff για Μαθητές με Προβλήματα Ακοής
Μαρία Φιλιάνου & Ευαγγελία Γαλανάκη (σσ. 194-206)
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The Hellenic Orff-Schulwerk Association (ESMA): Historical Review, Evolution and Prospects
Olympia Agalianou & Katerina Alexiadi (pp. 207-214)
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Orff Music Therapy: Active Furthering of the Development of the Child
Gertrud Orff
Key concepts in the Orff Music Therapy: Definitions and Examples
Gertrud Orff
Reviewed by Christine Plahl (pp. 215-218)
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“I Have Become Young Again” Music, Language, Movement: Artistic and Pedagogical Opportunities for People in Advanced Age
Christine Schönherr & Coloman Kallós
Από τη Lucia Kessler-Kakoulidi (σσ. 219-222)
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Reviewed in English by Elisabeth Danuser (pp. 223-224)
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