Tribute to Clive Robbins – Kana Okazaki-Sakaue

Volume 4 (1) 2012 – Tribute to Clive Robbins

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Tribute to Clive Robbins

Kana Okazaki-Sakaue

(pp. 13-15)


Kana Okazaki-Sakaue, DA, MT-BC, NRMT, ARAM, is a music therapist and an Associate Professor of the Music Therapy Programme (both Undergraduate and Graduate) at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Japan. She studied piano at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and then was trained at the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre, London, and graduated in 1989. Also she studied at the Music Therapy Program, New York University and obtained a master’s degree in 1995 and doctoral degree in 2011. She was awarded Level III (certified to teach Nordoff-Robbins music therapy) in 2006. She is currently teaching and supervising students as well as practising clinical work with developmentally disabled children/adults and stroke patients. She serves as a member of Board of Councilors and also as a member of International Affairs Commission of the Japanese Music Therapy Association. She is also a member of the Accreditation and Certification Committee of the World Federation for Music Therapy (WFMT).