Volume 1 (2) 2009

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Dancing our Dreams
Giorgos Tsiris (pp. 61-62)
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Welcome Letters (pp. 63-67)

Merete Birbaek
Lori Custodero
Isabelle Frohne-Hageman
Alison Levinge
Eleanor Richards
Kay Sobe



A Tribute to Sandra Brown
Maria Froudaki, Polina Kavoura, Maria Rafti & Giorgos Tsiris (pp. 70-71)
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Graphic Notation in Music Therapy: A Discussion of What to Notate in Graphic Notation and How
Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen (pp. 72-92)
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Multimedia documentation review

A World of Sound and Music: Music Therapy for Deaf, Hearing Impaired and Multi-handicapped Children and Adolescents
Claus Bang (pp. 93-103)
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Book review

The Nordoff-Robbins Adventure: Fifty Years of Creative Music Therapy
Fraser Simpson
Reviewed by Maria Froudaki (pp.108-110)
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Translated abstracts of articles (pp. 111)