Volume 10 (2) 2018

Volume 10 (2) 2018




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It is the people
Daphne Rickson & Giorgos Tsiris


Erwin Henry Schneider: Teacher, writer, and leader
Kyle Wilhelm & Lindsey Wilhelm

A descriptive analysis of research productivity in the Journal of Music Therapy as measured by authorship and affiliations: 2000-2015
Michael J. Silverman, Lacey Reimnitz & Jake Uban

When music therapists adopt an ethnographic approach: Discovering the music of ultra-religious boys in Israel
Nir Seri & Avi Gilboa

Η μουσική ως θεραπεία στην ελληνική αρχαιότητα [Music as therapy in Greek antiquity]
Ειρήνη Νικολάου

Book reviews

The Study of Music Therapy: Current Issues and Concepts (Kenneth S. Aigen)
Reviewed by Colin Andrew Lee

Musical Life Stories: Narratives on Health Musicking (Lars Ole Bonde, Even Ruud, Marie Strand Skånland & Gro Trondalen, Eds.)
Reviewed by Maria Pothoulaki

Defining Music Therapy (3rd Edition) (Kenneth Bruscia)
Reviewed by Theo Dimitriadis

Exceptional Pedagogy for Children with Exceptionalities: International Perspectives (Deborah VanderLinde Blair and Kimberly A. McCord, Eds.)
Reviewed by Donald DeVito

Soundscapes of Wellbeing in Popular Music (Gavin J. Andrews, Paul Kingsbury & Robin Kearns, Eds.)
Reviewed by Muriel E. Swijghuisen Reigersberg

Developments in Music Therapy Practice: Case Study Perspectives (Anthony Meadows, Ed.)
Reviewed by Florencia Grasselli

Conference reports

Third BAMT Conference ‘Music, Diversity and Wholeness’
Luke Annesley

The 2018 BAMT Doctoral Research Symposium
Joanna Parsons

The 2016 ISME Commission on Special Music Education and Music Therapy Pre-Conference Seminar
Kamile Geist


A tribute to Jean Eisler (14 April 1916 – 8 July 2017)
Pauline Etkin

A tribute to Carolyn Bereznak Kenny (12 June 1946 – 15 October 2017)
Susan Summers

A tribute to Chava Sekeles (17 October 1936 – 24 March 2018)
Cochavit Elefant & Efrat Roginsky


Translated abstracts