Volume 12 (1) 2020

Volume 12 (1) 2020

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Collaboration, critique, diversity
Giorgos Tsiris & Daphne Rickson


“Sounds good, but… what is it?” An introduction to outcome measurement from a music therapy perspective
Neta Spiro, Giorgos Tsiris & Charlotte Cripps

Social-emotional learning through a drumming intervention
Jennifer StGeorge & Emily Freeman

Music interventions and pain: An integrative review and analysis of recent literature
Hannah Fidler & Peter Miksza

Interprofessional research in Guided Imagery and Music: Working collaboratively
Alison E. Short & Annie Heiderscheit

Do Problem-Based Learning approaches provide effective educational interventions for music therapy training courses? Experiences from an action research project at the University of South Wales
Sally Holden, Elizabeth Coombes & Kathy Evans


Within and across boundaries: Music therapists teaching across disciplines in higher education
Beth Pickard & Mikko Romppanen


Working across modalities in the arts therapies: Creative collaborations (Colbert & Bent, Eds.)
Reviewed by Karen Twyford

The economics of therapy: Caring for clients, colleagues, commissioners and cash-flow in the creative arts therapies (Thomas & Abad, Eds.)
Reviewed by Barbara A. Else

Music therapy training programmes in Europe: Theme and variations (Stegemann, Schmidt, Fitzthum & Timmermann, Eds.)
Reviewed by Potheini Vaiouli

Music and global health (Allison, Reed & Cohen, Eds.)
Reviewed by Michael B. Bakan

Artistic music therapy: An individual, group, and social approach (Albornoz)
Από τη Γιώτα Ανδρεοπούλου

You are the music: How music reveals what it means to be human (Williamson)
Reviewed by Olusegun Stephen Titus

Flute, accordion or clarinet: Using the characteristics of our instruments in music therapy (Oldfield, Tomlinson & Loombe, Eds.)
Reviewed by Fontane Liang

Creating music cultures in the schools: A perspective from community music therapy (Rickson & McFerran)
Reviewed by Jane Brackley

Voices of the dying and bereaved: Music therapy narratives (Clements-Cortés & Klinck)
Reviewed by Robert E. Krout


2018 AMTA Conference ‘Music therapy for a growing world’
Noriko Nakamura

The 20th Nordic Art Therapies Conference ‘Diversity within the creative arts therapies’
Jóna Þórsdóttir