Volume 12 (2) 2020

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Adapting to change, welcoming otherness
Elizabeth Coombes & Giorgos Tsiris


A synopsis of the MusiQual feasibility study into the effectiveness of music therapy in palliative care inpatientsettings
Jenny Kirkwood, Lisa Graham, Tracey McConnell, Sam Porter & Joanne Reid

Exploring music therapists’ attitude toward wellness for successful ageing and its inclusion in music therapy training curricula
Lorna Segall

Reflections upon boundary complexities in the clinical practice of Croatian and Polish music therapists
Ana Katušić & Ludwika Konieczna-Nowak

Using culture-specific music therapy to manage the therapy deficit of post-traumatic stress disorder and associated mental health conditions in Syrian refugee host environments
Hasan Abdulbaki & Jonathan Berger

Special feature | Music therapy in dementia and end-of-life care: Mediterranean perspectives


Our sea: Music therapy in dementia and end-of-life care in the Mediterranean region
Giorgos Tsiris & Enrico Ceccato


Melissa Mercadal-Brotons


Music therapy in Greece and its applications in dementia and end-of-life care
Giorgos Tsiris & Christina Kalliodi

Music therapy in dementia and end-of-life care: A report from Israel
Ayelet Dassa

Music therapy in dementia and end-of-life care: A report from Italy
Mariagrazia Baroni

Music therapy in Montenegro: Perspectives on the current situation
Mirjana Rajcic & Tatjana Krkeljic

Music therapy in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: An overview and some perspectives on dementia and end-of-life care
Buran Saada & Elizabeth Coombes

Music therapy and its applications in dementia care: Spanish perspectives
Melissa Mercadal-Brotons & Monica De Castro

Music therapy in Tunisia: An introduction and some emerging initiatives in dementia and oncology
Ryhab Jebali

Music therapy in Turkey: Historical background and current perspectives on dementia and end-of-life care
Burçin Uçaner Çifdalöz

Conference report

First Mediterranean music therapy meeting ‘Dialogues around dementia and end of life in music therapy: Voices beyond the sea’
Enricco Ceccato & Luca Xodo


Wriggles and rhymes’: Developing a parent and infant music therapy group at a hospice for children with life-limiting conditions and their carers
Helen Mottram & Maeve Rigney

What are we waiting for? Anticipating the second edition of The Handbook of Music Therapy by Bunt, Hoskyns and Swamy
Daphne Rickson


The lives of music therapists: Profiles in creativity (Volume 1) (Moreno, Ed.)
Reviewed by Jamal Jasani Glynn

Η μουσική ως φάρμακο: Η βιολογική προσέγγιση της μουσικής θεραπείας (Δρίτσας)
Aπό την Ξανθούλα Ντακοβάνου

Τέχνη, φιλοσοφία, θεραπεία: Άρθρα και εφαρμογές, Τόμος Α΄ & Β΄ (Λάζου & Πατιός, Επιμ.)
Aπό την Ντόρα Ψαλτοπούλου-Καμίνη και την Άννα Μαρία Μαραγκού-Εύχαρις


The 9th Nordic Music Therapy Congress ‘Come together: Body and mind, heart and soul’
Maayan Salomon-Gimmon

11th European Music Therapy Conference ‘Fields of Resonance’
Anita Swanson