Volume 13 (2) 2021

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Advancing knowledge in music therapy
Elizabeth Coombes


Bruscia’s clinical techniques for improvisational music therapy in autism research: A scoping review
Kathleen Skinner, Ashley Kurkjian & Heidi Ahonen

Using music-adapted technology to explore Bruscia’s clinical techniques introduced in autism research: Pilot study
Ashley Kurkjian, Kathleen Skinner & Heidi Ahonen

Using Sounds of Intent (SOI) to evaluate the impact of music therapy on girls with Rett Syndrome
Ana Rita Maia & José Morgado

Forms of vitality and microanalysis in music therapy within adult autism: A clinical report
Alberto Balducci

Therapeutic Music Training (TMT): A music therapy model using music training on an instrument to address therapeutic goals in the areas of cognition and psychosocial health
Cheryl Jones


A transpersonal model of music therapy: Deepening practice (Crowe)
Reviewed by Noah Potvin

Responsiveness in music therapy improvisation: A perspective inspired by Mikhail Bakhtin (Stensæth)
Reviewed by Gillian Zambor

Early theoretical writings on music therapy: 1951-1960 (American Music Therapy Association with introductions by Bruscia)
Reviewed by Kathleen M. Murphy

Assessment and evaluation of narratives in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) (Perilli)
Reviewed by Jojo Lander

Integrative health through music therapy: Accompanying the journey from illness to wellness (Hanser)
Reviewed by Marianne Rizkallah


Open ground: Music therapy in collaboration and exchange
Polly Bowler

2021 Online Conference for Music Therapy (OCMT21)
Alison Talmage

The 47th annual Canadian Association of Music Therapists (CAMT) conference ‘Bridging distance. Honouring difference’
Cathy D. Weldin


Response to Rizkallah’s review of the book ‘Integrative health through music therapy: Accompanying the journey from illness to wellness’
Mohan Sundararaj