Volume 14 (1) 2022

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Creativity and partnership
Andeline Dos Santos & Giorgos Tsiris

SPECIAL FEATURE | Reports on online music therapy

Thresholds: Skype supervision and the liminal within a ‘journey of two’
Maria Radoje & Sally Pestell

Windows of student music therapy experience during COVID-19
Liana Nuse, Karin Meyer, Nethaniëlle Mattison, Cara Smith & Holly McPhee

The Online Conference for Music Therapy (OCMT): Demonstrating best practices for virtual conferences, education and training
Amy Clements-Cortés

Creating a COVID-19 Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) self-help resource for those with mild to moderate symptoms of the disease
Martin Lawes

Together in Sound: Music therapy groups for people with dementia and their companions – moving online in response to a pandemic
Claire Molyneux, Thomas Hardy, Yu-Tzu (Chloe) Lin, Katie McKinnon & Helen Odell-Miller

The North London Music Therapy Phone Support Service for NHS staff during the COVID-19 pandemic: Α report about the service and its relevance for the music therapy profession
Marianne Rizkallah

Adapting practice during the Covid-19 pandemic: Experiences, learnings, and observations of a music therapist running virtual music therapy for trafficked women
Lorraine McIntyre


Knowledge and training of Orff-based music therapy among students, clinicians, and educators
Cynthia M. Colwell

Relaxation Music (RM), Mindfulness Meditation (MM) and Relaxation Techniques (RTs) in healthcare: A qualitative case study of practices in the UK and South Korea
Mi Hyang Hwang & Leslie Bunt

Who’s afraid of Christian Wolff? Exploring experimental music on an acute inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit
Enrico Curreri


A conversation about Music and Autism: Speaking for Ourselves
Michael B. Bakan & Kenneth Aigen


Introduction to music therapy practice (Heiderscheit & Jackson)
Caroline Anderson

Θεραπευτικές προσεγγίσεις μέσω της τέχνης (Τσέγρας)
Μίλτος Χαραλαμπίδης

Operation syncopation: Music therapy and autism (Thompson, Ed.)
Efrat Roginsky

Early childhood music therapy and autism spectrum disorder: Supporting children and their families (2nd ed., Kern & Humpal, Eds.)
Emma Donnelly

Musical pathways in recovery: Community music therapy and mental wellbeing (Ansdell & DeNora, with Wilson)
Penny Warren