Volume 2 (2) 2010

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Journeys in Traumatised Lands: Dissimilar Images of a Monadic Vision?
Giorgos Tsiris (pp. 46-47)
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Creating a Safe Place in the Midst of Aggression: Music Therapy in Child Psychiatry
Marieke Degryse (pp. 48-54)
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Faith and Music: A Personal Exploration of the Implication of Religious Faith in Music Therapy, within an Intercultural, Group Music-Making Context
Bethan Lee Shrubsole (pp. 55-61)
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Book Reviews

Music Therapy with Children and their Families
Amelia Oldfield & Claire Flower ( Eds.)
Reviewed by Claire Hope (pp. 62-64)
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Resource-Oriented Music Therapy in Mental Health Care
Randi Rolvsjord
Reviewed by Simon Procter (pp. 65-68)
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