Volume 5 (1) 2013

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Music, Health and Wellbeing: The Need for Polyphonic Dialogues
Giorgos Tsiris (pp.5-6)
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Tribute to Robin Howat

A Tribute to Robin Howat
Janet Graham (pp. 8-9)
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A Tribute to Robin Howat from the New Zealand Music Therapy Community
Claire Molyneux & Sarah Hoskyns (pp.10-11)
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Music Therapy and Special Music Education: Interdisciplinary Dialogues
Alice-Ann Darrow interviewed by Giorgos Tsiris (pp.12-17)
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Music Therapy by Proxy: Using Humanised Images in Song
Carol Chambers (pp.18-24)
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Effects of Community African Drumming on Generalised Anxiety in Teenagers
David Akombo (pp.25-33)
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Musical Play as Therapy in an Early Intervention Programme
Julie Wylie & Susan Foster-Cohen (pp.34-42)
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What Happens When the Musicians Leave? Case Study of a Jessie’s Fund Project to Develop Teachers’ Skills and Confidence
Tom Northey (pp.43-49)
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Emotion, Embodied Mind and the Therapeutic Aspects of Musical Experience in Everyday Life
Dylan van der Schyff (pp.50-58)
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Book reviews

Invitation to Community Music Therapy
Brynjulf Stige & Leif Edvard Aarø
Reviewed by Stuart Wood (pp.59-61)
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Developmental Speech-Language Training through Music for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Hayoung Lim
Reviewed by Varvara Pasiali (pp.67-70)
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Music Therapy: A Perspective from the Humanities
Even Ruud
Reviewed by Mariko Hara (pp.71-74)
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Conference report

Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research (SEMPRE) 40th Anniversary Conference
Robert Fulford (pp.75-78)
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New Publications in Greece (2012-2013) (pp. 79-81)

Upcoming Events (pp. 82-83)

Translated Abstracts of Articles (pp. 84-88)