Volume 6 (1) 2014

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Generosity, Dialogue and Change
Giorgos Tsiris (pp.5-6)
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Το Προσωπικό Ταξίδι της Ανθής Αγρότου Μέσα από την Ανέλιξη της Μουσικοθεραπείας στην Κύπρο
Ανθή Αγρότου, μια συνέντευξη από τη Δώρα Παυλίδου (σσ. 7-11)
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The Piano WizardTM Project: Developing a Music-Based Lifelong Learning Programme for Older Adults
Melita Belgrave (pp.12-18)
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Performance and Participation: A Qualitative Study of Music Education Practices in Digitally-Based Musicking with Young People with Physical Impairments
Bo Nilsson (pp.19-27)
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Shadow Grief: Exploring Bereaved Mothers’ Receptivity to Music Therapy Following Miscarriage or Stillbirth
Margaret Broad (pp.28-38)
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Book reviews

Music Therapy: Death and Grief
Chava Sekeles
Reviewed by Tamsin Dives (pp. 39-41)
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Forensic Music Therapy: A Treatment for Men and Women in Secure Hospital Settings
Stella Compton Dickinson, Helen Odell-Miller & John Adlam
Reviewed by Carol Chambers (pp. 42-46)
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Therapeutic Uses of Rap and Hip-Hop
Susan Hadley & George Yancy (Επιμελητές)
Από την Ευαγγελία Αραχωβίτη (σσ. 47-50)
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Guitar Skills for Music Therapists and Music Educators
Peter Meyer, Jessica De Villers & Erin Ebnet
Reviewed by Bob Heath (pp. 51-52)
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Παιδιά του Τόπου μας που Έρχονται από τα Ξένα
Marie Rose Moro
Από τη Στέλλα Κολυβοπούλου (σσ. 53-56)
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Conference report

Rethinking Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Towards New Ethical Paradigms in Music and Health Research
Niall Mc Guigan (pp. 57-58)
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New Publications in Greece (2013-2014) (pp. 59-61)
Upcoming Events (pp. 62-63)
Translated Abstracts of Articles (pp. 64-66)