Music therapy research (3rd ed.,Wheeler & Murphy, Eds.) — Patricia Winter

Volume 11 (2) 2019 – Book review (first published on 13 September 2017)

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Music therapy research (3rd ed., Wheeler & Murphy, Eds.) 

Reviewed by Patricia Winter

Title: Music Therapy Research (3rd Edition) | Editors: Barbara Wheeler & Kathleen Murphy | Publication year: 2016 | Publisher: Barcelona Publishers | Pages: 200 | ISBN: 978-1-84905-702-8


Patricia Winter, PhD, MT-BC, is Associate Professor of Music at Radford University, VA, USA. She has been a clinical music therapist for 18 years, serving clients from diverse backgrounds. Currently, she serves preschool-aged children with speech and language disorders. Her research interests include the impact of music therapy on the development of play skills in young children, as well as cultural competence when implementing music therapy in a foreign country as a result of her ongoing work in Malawi, Africa.