‘New Blood’: A contemporary GIM programme — Svein Fuglestad

Special Issue 9 (2) 2017 “Guided Imagery and Music: Contemporary European perspectives and developments” – Article (first published on 22 December 2017)

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‘New Blood’: A contemporary GIM programme 

Svein Fuglestad  


This article is a presentation of a new contemporary Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) program based on orchestral re-recordings of various tracks by the English pop and rock musician Peter Gabriel. The intention is to share with the GIM community the author’s own experiences and perspectives using this music from the popular music genre with individual clients. The different pieces in the music programme are presented and described using the MIA intensity profile, Hevner’s Mood Wheel and the taxonomy of music. Whether the use of non-classical music is consistent with the individual form of the Bonny Method of GIM will be discussed, together with the potential advantages of repetitions and recognitions due to simplicity in structure, form and harmonies in building safety for clients within a therapeutic setting.


Guided Imagery and Music, new GIM programme, non-classical music in GIM, receptive music therapy, music and imagery, Peter Gabriel


Svein Fuglestad is an Associate Professor at Oslo and Akershus University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Child Welfare programme. He is an AMI-Fellow/BMGIM therapist (2006) and cand. philol. in musicology (1996), and has been practising GIM with people affected by HIV/AIDS, sexually abused men, and female victims of incest. Fuglestad was GIM therapist in the Norwegian Research Council project Music, Motion, and Emotion. He is a singer and a musician.
Email: svein.fuglestad@hioa.no