Special Issue 9 (2) 2017

Special Issue 9 (2) 2017

“Guided Imagery and Music: Contemporary European perspectives and developments”

Guest editors:
Evangelia Papanikolaou & Bolette Daniels Beck

with the support of SONORA-Organisation for Music Therapy & Research



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Celebrating Guided Imagery and Music developments in Europe
Evangelia Papanikolaou & Bolette Daniels Beck (pp. 191-195)
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Trauma-focused group music and imagery with women suffering from PTSD/complex PTSD: A feasibility study
Gabriella Rudstam, Ulf Elofsson, Hans Peter Søndergaard, Lars Ole Bonde & Bolette Daniels Beck (pp. 202-216)
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The Redescriptive Technique: An adaptation of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM) to bring tacit knowledge into awareness
Gabriella Giordanella Perilli (pp. 217-232)
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Perspectives on Music Imagery and complex chronic pain
llan Sanfi & Erik Christensen (pp. 233-245)
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Combining Schema Therapy and Guided Imagery and Music
Gert Tuinmann (pp. 246-251)
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Guided Imagery and Music (GIM): Reflections on supervision in training and therapy
Isabelle Frohne-Hagemann (pp. 252-266)
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The Process of Surrender: A psychotherapist’s homecoming
Katarina Mårtenson Blom (pp. 267-274)
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Music as dynamic experience of unfolding wholeness in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM): A psychoanalytic, musical, transpersonal and trans-scientific paradigm
Martin Lawes (pp. 275-299)
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The future of the Bonny Method: A perspective on Danish practice with a forecast to the future
Lars Ole Bonde (pp. 300-305)
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Fairy tale composing as an alternative creative processing in group GIM
Evdokia Smirnioti, Sofia Trifonopoulou & Eleni Tsolka (pp. 306-310)
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Searching for the unknown: A case study with a young woman suffering from music performance anxiety
Alice Pehk (pp. 311-321)
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Aging into childhood through loss, emptiness, and recognition: A GIM case study
Katarina Mårtenson Blom (pp. 322-331)
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‘Soundscapes’: A Norwegian music programme in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) elucidated through individual GIM therapy
Gro Trondalen (pp. 332-342)
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‘New Blood’: A contemporary GIM programme
Svein Fuglestad (pp. 343-358)
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In search of the lost grail: An interview with Torben Moe
Torben Moe & Steen Teis Lund (pp. 359-366)
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Conference report

12th European Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Conference ‘European perspectives on Guided Imagery and Music: Visions, challenges and crossroads’
Maria Samara (pp. 367-374)
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Book review

Variations in Guided Imagery and Music: Taking a Closer Look (Bryan Muller)
Reviewed by Martin Lawes (pp. 375-381)
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Translated abstracts (pp. 382-392)