In search of the lost grail: An interview with Torben Moe — Torben Moe & Steen Teis Lund

Special Issue 9 (2) 2017 “Guided Imagery and Music: Contemporary European perspectives and developments” – Interview (first published on 22 December 2017)

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In search of the lost grail: An interview with Torben Moe 

Torben Moe & Steen Teis Lund 


In this interview Torben Moe, current chair of the European Association of Music and Imagery (EAMI), reflects on his own motivations and experiences at being one of the pioneers of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) in Europe, both as a trainer and as a clinician and researcher within the psychiatric establishment in Denmark. He has also been a driving force throughout a ten-year-long process which has led to the official formation of the EAMI at the 12th European GIM Conference in Athens, September 2016. The interview concludes with some thoughts on current and future possibilities of GIM, and a special call for readers’ help with the search of the lost grail.


Guided Imagery and Music, healthcare, the unconscious, European Association of Music and Imagery


Torben Moe is a researcher and clinician at the Department of Psychiatry, Region Zealand, Denmark. He participated in the build-up of the Music Therapy faculty at Aalborg University, pioneered GIM training in northern Europe since 1997 and wrote a PhD thesis on receptive music therapy with groups of psychiatric patients. He was a leading figure in the European Network of GIM (ENGIM) leading up to the formation of the European Association of Music and Imagery in Athens, September 2016, of which he is the current chair. Torben Moe is currently leading a randomised controlled research project exploring the treatment of refugees with PTSD with a trauma-adapted form of GIM.

Steen Teis Lund (MA Psychology/Philosophy) is a GIM therapist. He is employed in the clinic for traumatised refugees in Region Zealand, Denmark.