Volume 11 (2) 2019

Volume 11 (2) 2019

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Toward theory-informed clinical research and practice
Varvara Pasiali


‘Self as instrument’ – Safe and effective use of self in music psychotherapy: Canadian music therapists’ perceptions
Heidi Ahonen

A neuroscience-based rationale for patient-preferred live music as a receptive music therapy intervention for adult medical patients: A literature review
Anusha Ramaswami & Michael J. Silverman

Application of the Helping Model on music therapy practice for individuals with alcoholic use disorder: Theoretical orientation and empirical implication
Hayoung A. Lim

Διαφοροποιημένη διδασκαλία στη μουσική εκπαίδευση: Απόψεις και προβληματισμοί καθηγητών μουσικής πρωτοβάθμιας εκπαίδευσης
Κατερίνα Κεραμίδα & Ποθεινή Βαϊούλη


An introduction to music therapy research (Wheeler & Murphy, Eds.)
Reviewed by Patricia Winter

Music therapy research (3rd ed., Wheeler & Murphy, Eds.)
Reviewed by Patricia Winter

Music, health and wellbeing (MacDonald, Kreutz & Mitchell, Eds.)
Reviewed by Fleur Hughes

Clinical training guide for the student music therapist (2nd ed., Polen, Shultis & Wheeler)
Reviewed by Elizabeth K. Schwartz

Collaboration and assistance in music therapy practice: Roles, relationships, challenges (Strange, Odell-Miller & Richards, Eds.)
Reviewed by Margaret Broad

Arts therapists in multidisciplinary settings: Working together for better outcomes (Miller, Ed.)
Reviewed by Jane Burns

Relational music therapy: An intersubjective perspective (Trondalen)
Reviewed by Morva Croxson

The 1982 symposium on ‘Music in the life of man’: The beginnings of music therapy theory (Forinash & Kenny, Eds.)
Reviewed by Denise Grocke

The music of being: Music therapy, Winnicott and the school of Object Relations (Levinge)
Reviewed by Giulia Fedrigo


Music in the psychoanalytic ear: Thinking, listening and playing
Nicola Dunbar

Collaborative approaches to music and wellbeing research
Steven Lyons

The 21st ISME Special Music Education and Music Therapy Commission pre-conference seminar ‘Music across the lifespan: The role of special music education and music therapy’
Brandon Meeks & Victoria Warnet